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Labour of Love: Childbirth Preparation

Jen is a Certified Birthing From Within childbirth education mentor and specially trained as a birth story listener. As well, she is a Full Spectrum Doula who trained with Mothercraft in Ottawa, Stillbirthday, and Home Hospice Association.  Jen has co-facilitated peer based support gatherings for people who are healing from challenging birth experiences and her life has been touched personally by abortion, miscarriage, cesarean birth, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), home birth and stillbirth.  

Each one of these experiences ignited new meaning within her life and grounded her passion to support others from a place of love and compassion, in accord with their own values. Jen wholeheartedly believes that many people are looking for informative AND transformative preparations for and integration of their birthing experiences.   

What others have said about working with Jen

It was a great experience! Having Jennifer over to our home to help us prepare for the arrival of our daughter helped a lot! She eased our anxieties about the birth and gave us a perspective of what a beautiful birth can be. We loved the birth art aspect as well. Opening our minds creatively in a comfortable and calming atmosphere filled with positive energy. - Jessica, new Mom

I have known Jen for three years. We first met at the Mom and Baby yoga class that she teaches at Pranashanti. I was a first time mom trying to find my way in a new world, while recovering from a traumatic birth experience.  After class one day, she mentioned that she was pioneering the Ottawa Chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN).  When I became pregnant with my second child, I was hopeful for a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). The monthly ICAN meetings that she facilitates became my safe haven. Jen's ability to openly share her own experiences, to listen fully, and to express compassion helped me to let go of old fears that no longer served their purpose. Shortly before the birth of my child, Jen encouraged me to go way outside of my science-minded comfort zone and to try a Birthing from Within Birth Art session with her. The experience was pure and profound. It let me surrender to the natural and uncontrolled process that is birth. It let me dig deeper during a difficult labour. It let me catch my own daughter. - Angeline, Mother of two

Why does Birthing From Within guide parents to create art as a way of preparing for birth?

Nowadays, much of a parent's childbirth preparation involves "getting informed" and learning lots of information about pregnancy and labour. Which is a good thing-but often times parents become distracted about looking forward to how the birth will end up. Even if we have watched videos, read birth stories or birthed a baby previously, each birthing experience is different and we can forget that an essential part of labour involves descending into the unknown.

Birthing From Within's Birth Art Process steps away from intellectual, cognitive or verbal information of what we know and dives into what has informed our ways of knowing and what's already in our hearts and minds. Creating art allows us to go deeper, going underneath our everyday conscious thoughts, and get curious about different symbols and images in life and birth.

Creating art is also a metaphor for birth.

Facing a blank page can be a bit uncomfortable, maybe to some hopeful-like being in a place of not knowing and noticing what's arising from within. Perhaps observing what happens when we let go of an attachment. An internal, lived process of discovery, creating art can be a way of navigating, digesting information from the outside world and connecting thoughts about what's evolving and integrating on the inside.

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Why choose Birthing From Within?

Work with Jen

Private Sessions

Jennifer works with people individually or together with their partners to prepare for the upcoming birth.   Each session is 90 minutes long and can be purchased per session ($115) or as a package of 3 ($330), 5 ($500).  Some possible themes could be: 

~ building a pain coping mindset, including breathing practices, visualization, and vocalization

~ birth art process 

~ birthing again after a challenging experience

~ becoming a parent and the postpartum season

~ medical supports throughout labour

~ birthing after a cesarean (preparing for a vbac or a connected cesarean)

***Book your free 15 minute phone call to see if working with Jen is right for you! She is committed to working with any budget, so sliding scale of her fees is always an option.