Ginger, Turmeric & Honey....oh my!

In my CSA Locavore box from Juniper Farm each year, I am always excited to receive a few jars of local honey.  Last year I peeled a whole whack of garlic gloves and fermented them in honey.  Raw garlic is fantabulous for your immune system but this year I wanted something I could easily add to water to make a tea or add to my second fermentation in Kombucha.

So much has been said about the amazing health benefits of ginger and turmeric.  Anytime that I am sauteing anything, I add turmeric powder.  And any time I get even the hint of a cold or flu coming on, I make myself a batch of ginger, turmeric, honey and lemon tea.

Here is a simple recipe:

- 1 slice or two of raw (organic) ginger root

- 1/2 tsp of (organic) turmeric powder (or a few slices of raw turmeric root)

- 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp of honey

-a wedge of lemon

*** If you are feeling like you may need a cooling kick, you can add some mint or green tea.

So this year I'm fermenting ginger and turmeric in honey (and a wee bit of water).  Once I see the bubbles, I know it has begun to ferment so I will open it up each day and mix everything around.  Once I feel like it has fermented enough (probably after a few days) I will put it in the fridge to use when I need it most!

What are your favourite ways of keeping healthy?

Ginger, Turmeric & Honey