Prenatal Yoga

Rama Lotus 




A rejuvenating end to your Monday.  This class is inspired from various traditions and styles of yoga; meditation, pranayama (breath work), ashtanga, flow, yin, and restorative.  

Since there will be no more than 6 participants in each class, your needs and desires of the present moment can be woven into the class.




Tuesday at Pranashanti (10:30-11:30am)

& Wednesday at Rama Lotus   (10 to 11am)




A chance to connect to your body,  your baby and with other moms.  This class is comprised of sun salutations and yoga postures to stretch and strengthen your whole body, with an emphasis on addressing tension throughout your shoulders, upper and lower back.  We also include your babe in our class by connecting developmental movements and songs to integrate their reflexes.