Going Dairy Free 

More and more people are choosing to go dairy free as part of their exploration of plant based healthy eating either as a lifestyle choice or for health reasons such as lactose intolerance/sensitivity or an allergy to dairy.

Adding some of the delicious dairy free alternatives to your diet along with more fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts is all part of the journey. Plant based foods are a source of fibre which, as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, helps maintain good gut health. In this 2-hour workshop you will taste and learn how to make:

 Ghee (not 100% milk free but many people can tolerate it better than butter)

 Water Kefir

 Coconut Yogurt

 Cashew "Cheese"

You will receive a handout and learn how to nourish yourself with probiotics as well as bring home Water Kefir grains to ferment your own goodies.

To register, visit Pranashanti.com