Transitions: Trauma Sensitive Support Community

For folks, birth workers and partners who have experienced challenging fertility related experiences and are still working to reconcile them.

Facebook Page


We offer free, closed Facebook groups and monthly in person gatherings for folks looking to connect with others who are reconciling their challenging birth related experiences. Throughout the year we will have specific meetings for partners, Birth Workers and of course for those who have embodied the birth related challenging experience.

Transitions: Reconciling Birth Trauma

This group is for anyone who has experienced or been present at a challenging birth related experience that they are continuing to integrate and heal from. We are committed to creating a supportive community in moving through and living after traumatic transitions into parenthood-whether it be experiences in the prenatal, birthing or the postpartum period.

Transitions: Reconciling Abortion Experiences

We are committed to creating a supportive and judgement free community in moving through an abortion experience, whether your experience was recent or many years ago. You are welcome to share or listen. We kindly ask you to be mindful that this is a held space where we approach responses with compassion and we keep everyone's privacy at heart.
(email as this is a secret group)

Transitions: Empty Arms Open Heart

This is a closed, peer based group for parents who have experienced loss related to pregnancy or infancy. This includes parents whose lives have been personally touched by abortion, miscarriage, still birth, infant death, infertility, and disability. The intention is to create a connected community where we can honour the life that was created and support one another in our individual healing process.

From Loss to Love

This 4 week online course is designed to facilitate integration, reconcile grief, and make meaning after pregnancy or infant loss with the intention of igniting love and connection within your daily life. You will explore the significance of this loss through mindfulness practice, breath awareness, creative and journal writing, personal assignments and birth story healing processes.

Prenatal, Birth and Postpartum Support

Trauma sensitive, judgement free support to prepare for, labour through or recover from your birthing experience.

Private Sessions

As a Birthing From Within Childbirth Mentor, Birth Story Listener and (soon to be!) Yoga Therapist, Jennifer works privately with those who may want a personally crafted session. Jennifer is also drawn to offering ceremonies for those who may want to mark significant transitions or dates.