August Birthing From Within Childbirth Weekend Immersion

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Prenatal Retreat (4).png

August Birthing From Within Childbirth Weekend Immersion


Ottawa’s only Birthing From Within Childbirth Class!

Birthing From Within’s approach differs from most other childbirth preparation classes in that our work is centered in supporting parents as they turn inward to better understand their own motivations and fears, and to simultaneously discover their own inner resources and guiding forces. Our engaging classes weave current evidence-based research with experiential inquiry-building bridges between ancient and modern knowing, myth and science, grit and grace. We aim to mentor parents through the unknown so that they can fully experience the transformation of birthing a baby.

We do so in a variety of ways including, dialogue, art making, mindfulness, visualizations, storytelling, ritual, and ceremony. Some of the themes of our class will be:

-Building a pain coping mindset

-The physical, mental and emotional processes of labour and birth

-Medical supports like: inductions, epidurals, fetal heart monitors, cesareans

-Support skills and strategies for partners and birth attendants with Mary Kuzniuk

-Comfort measures & coping practices, positions and hands on support for labour with Mary Kuzniuk

-Collaborative communication with your partner and/or birth attendants

-Exploring community resources and your role as a parent

-How to deal with unexpected surprises

-Healing after birth and postpartum transitions

-Feeding and bonding with your baby

The cost is for either a couple or the birthing parent and their support person. Please do not let cost be a barrier, if you would like to make alternative arrangements, or have questions please contact Jennifer at

August 24th: 1pm to 5pm & August 25th: 9:30am to 3:30pm

2288-2 St Joseph Blvd, Orleans ON, K1C 1E8

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