“After going through the 1 hour birth story listening session, I was immediately relieved.  It felt as though I had been carrying a large and heavy parachute behind me for the past 19 months and now I could finally let it go.  Jen did not take away the humiliation or the suffering that I had gone through during my birth; no one can do that.  However, she guided me through a process which allowed me to move forward stronger, and lighter than before.  Our birth journey is sometimes like going into battle, and we come back changed covered in invisible battle scars.  The birth story healing process allowed me to see this change as an empowering one.  Now, I can see my strength.  Thank you Jen, and thank you to the process for helping me gain strength from my challenging birth.”

About Jen

Jen has been facilitating groups for over 20 years. She deepened into her role while studying for a B.Ed in Physical Education with concentrations in Gender, Religious Studies, and Psychology at McGill University.  

Since 2001, Jen has been learning, living and teaching yoga (the practice of connecting) and is now studying to be an Embodied Yoga Therapist with the School of Embodied Yoga Therapy.

Jen dove into birth work as the Ottawa Chapter Leader with ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) in 2013.  She was amazed and inspired by how many people are deeply affected by their challenging birth experiences but recognized that once they give themselves space to reflect and integrate their experience, how profound and meaningful healing can be.

In February 2015, Jen began her studies as a Birthing From Within birth story listener.  

Jen is currently working on the Advanced Birth Story Medicine Project with Birthing From Within mentors & doulas to pursue ongoing expansion and development in this groundbreaking and revolutionary approach to healing after a difficult birth.  

Jen's unique sessions, workshops, retreats and courses are grounded in Birthing From Within's Birth Story Medicine with roots in her 16 years experience of teaching mindfulness and yoga practice. 

Jennifer offers a variety of fertility related services and gatherings for women, girls, trans and men in the Ottawa area and online to reach parents where they are most comfortable.

Working with Jen means

  • Feeling confident being with someone trained by the world renowned Birthing From Within model of childbirth education and birth story medicine

  • Engaging in interactive and judgement-free childbirth preparation sessions 

  • Developing realistic expectations about pregnancy, birth and the postpartum season

  • Cultivating the seeds of adaptability, resiliency, self-love, and a willingness to do the next best thing in challenging moments.

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Jennifer Gillean

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