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Reconciling Your Birth Story~ March 24th 1pm to 4pm

After a difficult or disappointing birth, a parent may feel stuck between the myriad of feelings and self beliefs connected to the birthing experience. In this somatic based workshop, Jennifer weaves Birthing From Within’s approach, elements of Pam England’s Birth Story Medicine, together with therapeutic yoga practices.

The intention is to move towards integrating the birth experience and to possibly begin to make shifts in some of our patterns around the birth through :

~ guided breath awareness, gentle & embodied yoga and mindfulness practices

~ making space to explore your birth story through writing and art making


~ are willing to begin or to continue working through a previously challenging birth experience

~ long to make a shift in the ways they’ve been thinking, seeing and feeling about their experience.

~ are making connections between what happened in the prenatal, birth or postpartum period and their life

~ are pregnant after a difficult birthing experience and want to continue integrating their previous experience while preparing for their upcoming labour.

  • March 24th 1pm to 4pm

  • 2288-2 St Joseph Blvd, Orleans ON, K1C 1E8

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