Yoga Therapy


While Jennifer is finishing her Yoga Therapy practicum, she will be meeting with folks in Orleans, Chelsea, or in their own home for nearly half of what it would cost regularly.

($60/90 minute session)

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Jennifer's yoga practice has been evolving over these past 15 years from when she first took her teacher training in Old Montreal, September 2001 in Ashtanga and Babaji's Kriya Hatha Yoga. Her practice & Teachings have been influenced from her studies in:

  • Including the Existential Dimension in Clinical Life with Micheal Stone 2017

  • Embodied Attention: The Psychology of Mindfulness and Yoga with Micheal Stone 2017

  • Healing Trauma with the Body with Michael Stone and Molly Boeder Harris 2017

When we accept what is in this very moment, without pushing or pulling, when there is no running after or running away, we find in our practice a level of deep acceptance and peace. - Michael Stone

 What others have said about working with Jen

Jennifer’s prenatal yoga series at Pranashanti was OMazing! She took us through both gentle and strength building sequences, connected us to baby, as well as created a sense of community with the rest of the expectant women in the class. I loved the combination of asana, yoga nidra, guided meditations and creative drawing to help connect more to my pregnancy, baby, and birth.                                         

— Andrea Plitz, Ottawa women's health physiotherapist and yoga teacher  

Prenatal, Postnatal Yoga & Mindfulness Coaching

Who can benefit from this guidance?

~ Yoga teachers, doulas or anyone wanting to use the tools of yoga and mindfulness to support parents or soon-to-be moms


~ Any human committed to deepening their understanding, skills, and confidence in teaching women throughout the 3 trimesters of pregnancy and in the year following the birth of a baby

What areas can you focus on?

~ Breath awareness & pranayama to support healthy pregnancy & prepare for labour

~ Developing and maintaining healthy pelvic floor practices

~ Vocal toning & developing both the teacher’s and the mother’s voice

~ Mindfulness & meditation

~ Preparations for labour as a rite of passage into parenthood

~ Creating a supportive classroom community, holding space, community involvement

~ How to build your business that will allow you to connect more fully with your clients.

**Contact Jen to discuss your objectives in building upon what you already know